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Establish a Wildlife Research & Awajún Cultural Center

Wildlife Inventory

To document the Amazonas wildlife and to help preserve the Awajún lifestyle and language, we plan to establish a Wildlife Research and Awajún Cultural Center.

Our innovative facility will equip Awajún hunters with research skills while ACIPeru provides essential accommodations and logistical services to support scientific research, video productions, and wildlife photography.

Our unique agreement with Awajún officials grants us exclusive rights to operate the only research facility within Awajún land, allowing us access to rarely witnessed wildlife.

This symbiotic relationship creates an epicenter for tourist and scientific research unparalleled in the Amazonas region and ensures the long-term preservation of Awajún ancestral rainforest lands, wildlife diversity, and strengthens ACIPeru's revenue goals.

Awajún Cultural Center

Adjacent to the research facilities we will help Awajún officials construct their Awajún Cultural Center, complete with historic Awajún exhibits.

Awajun Cultural Center
Proposed Cultural Center

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