The Amazon Refuge is a complex built on 100 acres of rainforest surrounded by a 1-million-acre Indian community nature reserve.

The purpose of the refuge is to provide safe, comfortable accommodations under the guidance of expert naturalist guides for visiting scientists, birders, and photographers while offering a rewarding learning environment to student and volunteer groups, and nature lovers who wish to experience the true splendor of the Amazon rainforest.

Animal and plant life is abundant and extremely varied in our area. There are over 132 species of mammals, 13 of which are primates.The river and lake waters are home to gray and pink dolphins, Amazonian manatees, Giant River Otters, Black Caimans and giant South American River Turtles.

Land species include Jaguars, Capuchin Monkeys and Spider Monkeys. The Black Spider Monkey, the Orange-chested Spider Monkey, the Woolly Monkey, and the Howler Monkey are all considered endangered.

More than 500 species of birds live here, including five of the eight species of Macaw found in Peru. The prehistoric-looking hoatzin bird is seen here as well.